With all the recent shark sightings off the Cape this summer, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood caught wind. According to an article in the Boston Herald, “”Shark Wranglers,” a History Channel reality show, will be filming upcoming episodes of the show off Cape Cod.

The show features Chris Fischer and his crew who aim to track great white sharks and understand their breeding habits, feeding patterns and more. Cue the Jaws music.

In the Herald article, Cape Cod residents have expressed concerns for the well-being of the sharks due to the methods used by Fischer and his crew. However, Fischer maintains that his methodology is safe. For more on the debate, read the full Herald story here.

While it may be unsettling for Cape swimmers to hear that a shark wrangler is frolicking in their waters, it’s pretty badass that time and resources are being dedicated to understand the great whites right here in our own backyard.

From Fischer’s bio on the the History Channel:

Since 2007 he has led 14 expeditions and covered over 250,000 nautical miles to unlock the mysteries surrounding great white sharks and other giants of the ocean. Fischer gladly accepts the trials and rewards of being an expedition leader—wicked weather and massive financial responsibility don’t scare him. He is devoted to protecting apex predators like sharks, which are disappearing at a rate of tens of millions a year despite being the great balance keepers of the ocean. “If you put shark populations at risk, you put the entire ocean at risk—it’s that simple,” says Fischer.