In an effort to assuage their guilt for putting the Fenway Faithful through the worst Red Sox season in decades, the Sox brass has concocted a plan to plant more bodies in seats once the season opens at home on April 8: lower the cost of beer.

Through the month of April, fans can enjoy buy-one-get-one-free Fenway Franks and $5 12-ounce beers, reports, which is a far cry from the $8.50 they typically go for, but still a nice chunk of change for a plastic cup of Miller Lite.

It’s a move similar to that which met Bruins fans at the home opener after the NHL Lockout ended: meal and drink vouchers in exchange for their forgiveness.

Red Sox fans are loyal to the bone marrow, but after last season’s dismal effort, extra strides are being taken to ensure their beloved (and dubious) sellout streak remains intact. Maybe cheaper beers will help attendees forget how long the bathroom lines were.

“We recognize that the sellout streak is likely going to be coming to an end in early April, and we’re looking for ways to thank our fans for their incredible support and commitment,” Red Sox chief operating officer Sam Kennedy said, who could just as easily have said they’re looking for ways to bribe us into keeping the streak alive.

It’s worth a shot, though. Young studs like Jackie Bradley Jr. offer glimmers of hope, but Big Papi is ailing and Jacoby Ellsbury is injury-prone and there’s palpable doubt around the league that the Sox can bounce back just one year removed from utter disaster.

Take, for example, the Red Sox Team Report via The Chicago Tribune: “One year after the Red Sox lost 93 games and endured their worst season in almost a half-century, not even the Mayans would predict they will make the playoffs.”

Overly harsh? Perhaps a tad. But not undeserved, either.


Image via Flickr