It appears as if Jerry Remy is going to stay on NESN this season, as Red Sox principal owner John Henry expressed his support for the color analyst in the wake of the Boston Globe investigative piece on the leniency that his son, Jared, had received from the courts and the Remy family throughout his extensive criminal history in an interview with WCVB Wednesday.

Henry, who also owns the Globe, said it’s “great to have [Remy] back,” and implied he won’t pressure him to leave the booth:

Remy could still resign from NESN, but that seems to be unlikely. He hasn’t given any indications of plans to walk away from his job at this time.

Jared had been tried in 19 criminal cases prior to his alleged murder of girlfriend Jennifer Martel last August, and only received 81 days of jail time in 2005 when he pushed one of his ex-girlfriends, Randy McMahon, down a flight of stairs and broke her nose.

According to reports, Phoebe Remy had begged to Martel not to file a restraining order against Jared the night before he supposedly killed her.

The Remy’s and Martel’s have been engaged in a custody battle over the couple’s daughter, Arianna, for the last several months. It was ruled Tuesday that the Martel’s will receive full-time custody of Arianna, and the Remy’s will be granted visitation rights.

Derek Lowe is filling in for Remy on Red Sox Spring Training telecasts this week, but the RemDawg is scheduled to work the club’s season opener against the Orioles Monday afternoon.

Remy is known for his light banter with play-by-play man Don Orsillo, and said he isn’t going to change his broadcasting style in an interview with WEEI in January:

“That was part of one of the things that I was really battling with,” he said. “My style’s a little bit different than a lot of guys. I really did battle with that. I said if I’m going to do this, I’m going to have to do it the way that I’ve done it for the last 26 years. My hope is that it does not come off insensitive to people because that’s certainly not the intent.”

Red Sox fans probably won’t have to wait long for Remy to make his first wisecrack during Monday’s game. The color analyst often jokingly says, “Buenos noches amigos” when Orsillo announces prior to first pitch that viewers can press the “SAP” button on their remote controls to hear the telecast in Spanish.

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