There’s a lot of new technology out there right now around marketing to people who’ve already come in contact with your brand. Whether they visited your site, saw an ad someplace else, clicked on a PPC ad, or in the case of Rejoiner, they actually filled something out, you now have the capability to market to them again.

The great thing about these tools is they give you as marketers the ability to target users already interested in your product or service. You can hit customers already in the buying cycle and since these tools are typically pretty inexpensive, you can create some incredible ROI.

Remarketing vs Retargeting

There are two main terms you hear when talking about this technology; Remarketing and Retargeting. Since they pretty much sound the same, we thought we’d explore the differences between the two and give you some insights into the various tools.


Retargeting is most often used to describe online ad placements and display ads. A user comes to your site, a cookie’s set and you can now target ads to them on other sites they visit, hence the term retargeting. What makes retargeting so appealing is that it’s done through third party networks like AdBrite and the Google display network, giving you the opportunity to reach users on millions of sites. Kind of crazy.

Interested in running a retargeting campaign? There are a couple of tools worth checking out including AdRoll, Retargeter and Google Adwords even offers retargeting through PPC.

The thing to remember, while retargeting is awesome, you don’t want to creep out your customers or annoy them so make sure you set it up properly. You should give people the ability to opt out and please don’t show an ad to some one who has already converted.


While you may hear retargeting tools referred to as remarketing tools (ahem, Google), “remarketing” is typically used when email is involved. We see this term a lot around  shopping cart and form abandonment, upsells (think those very personalized Amazon emails you get after you’ve bought a product) and lifecycle marketing emails.

Interested in remarketing? Well, you’ve come to right place…we know this great product…ok, just kidding. Another awesome tool for remarketing comes from the guys at Spring Metrics. Though it doesn’t involve email, their Smart Offers product is a powerful tool for any retailer. They describe it as a way to deliver relevant and targeted promotions to website visitors. The product allows you to tailor customized offers based on visitors’ behaviors and browsing history. You can segment your traffic based on different variables, and deliver customized promotions based on your visitor’s browsing profile. Pretty cool.

Regardless of what you decide to do with your “re” efforts, make sure that you do it right, you test test test and most importantly, you don’t piss people off. It’s very easy to annoy potential customers and create a negative experience they’ll associate with your brand forever. Be sure to check out the Rejoiner blog for tips and best practices.