Everyone likes the idea of actually picking up, opening and finishing an actual book – the kind with pages, and chapters – from cover to cover. But the idea of things are often times more enticing than the reality, once you realize how much more mindless it is to scroll through Twitter on the T after a long day than try to re-immerse yourself into the thick plot of a novel, complete with complex characters and flowery language, which just sounds like mental exhaustion.

Basically, you can slap a book onto a tablet screen, but you still can’t make us attention-span strugglers read them.

But it’s a new year, and with it a new chance to flex those brain muscles for longer than 140-character bursts. Books also serve as a well-deserved break from all the noise that soundtracks the rest of your day – who wants to turn to Twitter on the way home after a long day of staring at Twitter? Nobody.

So here’s your guide to getting literary in 2014: From apps for tablets to independent bookstores, you’ll find so many options that you won’t know where to start. And hey, a book is a book: Read the latest buzzed about book-to-movie if you want; you don’t have to go Jane Austen on everyone to prove a point.