Photo by Michelle Newton

A staple piece in your wardrobe can go a long way — and if you follow local fashion blog 5 Days 5 Ways, you know it can go, well, five ways at least, but if you put your mind to it, the options are limitless.

The blooming bloggers behind the site, Jess Rosenthal, Cass Taylor, and Erin Fucigna, have been proving that a wardrobe doesn’t have to be defined by a budget. While they now each bring their own flair to the five-ways fun, the ladies first realized they had a common interest for fashion while working together at a marketing firm, and the project grew from there.

“Inspired by all the amazing style and fashion blogs, we quickly realized we had a shared vision to try to do something that we hadn’t seen others do, and inspire others to be creative and versatile with clothing,” 5 Days told BostInno.

It all started with a plaid shirt — Taylor was dared to wear the top in a different way for multiple days in a row — and as a result, an idea was born. At the beginning of this year, 5 Days 5 Ways was launched as a way to unite and motivate those who were tired of their closet, but didn’t have the funds to expand it. The point of the site is to show how you can take something that you already own and repurpose it in a creative way. They’ve turned circle skirts into tube tops, scarves into headbands — you name it, they’ve probably tried it.

Most recently, 5 Days teamed up with the guys over at Ball & Buck, the new American-made men’s retailer that opened on Dartmouth Street earlier this year, to twist different menswear-inspired items — an oversized tee, a belt, and a plaid — five different ways. The partnership was in honor of the blog reaching 500 followers on their Instagram, and as the ladies expand their reach in the city, they hope to motivate more Bostonians to become risk takers in order to stand out. While there may not be as many daring fashionistas here in comparison to other style-centric cities like New York or LA, taking fashion risks here in Boston is an extra rewarding accomplishment.

“It’s kind of like how we go shopping: we’re always hunting for that perfect piece or that killer bargain—they’re hard to find, but it makes it so much more satisfying when you find those pieces,” the girls said. “And for whoever says there is no style in Boston should hang around us more often, because we see it all the time and draw our inspiration from our city and those funky folks in it.”

So, if you’re bored of your wardrobe, if you’ve only worn items explicitly in the way they were meant to be worn, or if you’re like me, and by midweek you realize you’ve ignored your laundry for too long, follow Five Days Five Ways in order to see that chambray shirt in a whole new light. The girls encourage those looking to get started to challenge themselves: mix patterns, textures and layer new pieces to create a new look.

According to the bloggers, “Our hope is to make our mission of inspiring people to be creative with what they have to ultimately be the trusted source inspiration for the creatively minded fashionistas.”

For more inspiration, follow Five Days Five Ways on Twitter and Instagram.