Today is National Respect Canada Day here in the states. While the Canadian consulate in Boston still has yet to respond to my email regarding where to get the best poutine in the Hub, I still intend to celebrate and honor our hockey-playing, Rick Moranis-loving neighbors to the north – starting with Rib Stain Camo.

Say, have you ever polished off a slab of succulent baby back ribs, found your hands covered in gobs of sumptuous barbecue sauce, and felt so violently compelled to rub it all over yourself? Introducing Rib Stain Camo, “a revolution in food-eating apparel,” catering to the adult-sized toddlers among us. By already appearing to bear the stains of countless rib dinners, you can rest assured no one will notice your embarrassing “rib droppings and splatters.” For a mere $14.99 (plus shipping and handling), you too can wear the world’s saddest finger painting.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, eye of the beholder), Rib Stain Camo, though available for purchase online, is part of an advertising campaign for Boston Pizza, a Canadian chain who’s looking to generate some buzz amongst “ribnecks” (their pun, not mine) for the addition of ribs to its menu. During the Bruins’ championship run in 2011, the chain changed its name to Montreal Pizza and Vancouver Pizza during the Canadiens and Canucks’ series with Boston.

If you would like to purchase Rib Stain Camo and consume some ribs while wearing it for a truly authentic experience, Boston’s closest Boston Pizza is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec. Bon appetit.

Rib Stain Camo is the brainchild of TAXI, a Canadian ad agency, and they’re still available for purchase here. You may shake your head, but it’s a much better way to announce you’re adding ribs to your menu than surrounding it in an IRS-themed campaign like Boston Market.