People make mistakes on Twitter, though they’re not always so notable as the one that ESPN radio show Mike & Mike made this morning. Check out the above tweet, and see if you can spot the amusing error. If you can’t here’s some background: Rick Pitino is the coach of the Louisville Cardinals, not the Kentucky Wildcats. The two college basketball powerhouses will clash in the Sweet Sixteen, set to tip-off Friday. Pitino, who came on ESPN’s Mike & Mike to talk about the upcoming game, has an interesting history with both teams which actually that made the Twitter error even more humorous.

Before Pitino coached in Louisville (where he won last year’s National Championship), he had at one point been Kentucky’s coach (from 1989-1997). Energetic and resourceful, Pitino won the 1996 national title, reaching the National Championship the next year as well (where his team lost to Arizona in overtime). He was practically royalty in a place where college hoops is treasured.

What did he do with that status? He ruined it all, in two moves.

The first, as has been talked about ad nauseam in New England, was his decision to become coach of the Celtics. Unlike Brad Stevens (who arrived in Boston last summer similarly from the college game), Pitino was much more combative with the media, and his fiery demeanor didn’t translate well. Of course the bottom line (that he didn’t turn the team around) ultimately resulted in Pitino being fired. His Celtics legacy basically amounted to this epic press conference quote:

And also this hilarious “Toucher & Rich” radio “interview.”

After the Celtics debacle, Pitino ended up heading to Kentucky’s arch rival: Louisville. He promptly rebuilt them into a powerhouse, culminating in last year’s title, sealing the sports-hatred that people in Kentucky now have for him. This brings us back to the Mike & Mike tweet. Basically, if you could make a mistake about which team Pitino coaches other than Louisville, Kentucky is (other than the Celtics) the worst mistake that could be made.

Predictably, it drew dozens of sarcastic replies on Twitter, before the tweet was hastily deleted, and replaced with the correct label:

Now clearly the error is nothing too serious at the end of the day, as it was simply an isolated mistake. Hopefully no one gets fired over it, though it was undeniably funny, considering the implications (and, as mentioned, Pitino’s history with the rival schools). The game on Friday will be epic, and it’s definitely must-see TV.