At the Rhode Island School of Design, students “don’t just make things pretty,” they “make things happen”—and the sentiment hasn’t gone unnoticed. Business Insider has ranked the “World’s Best Design Schools” and placed RISD at the top of the list, just in front of the MIT Media Lab.

Business Insider writes they ranked the schools by a simple metric: What percentage of their 633 respondents ranked the schools “somewhat valuable, valuable or extremely valuable?” At 76.6 percent, the majority of respondents, ranging from art directors to product designers, claimed “skills and knowledge” were the most valuable asset their respective design programs offered.

Just over 85 percent of survey participants said RISD’s program is valuable, having been made more wildly known after two out of three Airbnb co-founders—Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky—graduated from the Institute. For a look at other RISD alumni, check out the slideshow below.

Taking the second spot on the list was the MIT Media Lab, which 79.8 percent of respondents deemed “valuable.” Business Insider writes:

The Media Lab became well-known in the 1990s for its mesmerizing high-tech demos that gave its viewers a glimpse of a true digital society. It is also famous for having user interface designer John Underkoffler as a graduate. Underkoffler came up with most of the interface ideas seen in “Minority Report.”

The ever-growing list of technologies (below) that have spun out of the MIT Media Lab shouldn’t be discredited, however. The Lab has sparked movements in wearable computing, wireless “viral” communications and new forms of artistic expression, all with the help of world-class designers.

Art and entrepreneurship have started to blend here in Greater Boston, creating an “artpreneurial” powerhouse other cities will be forced to contend with. The schools are helping fuel that beginning.