Image via @AndyIsTweeting

Emerson’s Social Media Class—better known to the Twitterverse as #ESM—is tasked with connecting with a celebrity every semester. Professor David Gerzof just makes two rules: they can only use social media to do it and the celebrity has to have a local tie.

Last October, Gerzof’s students started tweeting to then Patriots player Chad Ochocinco. And not only did he agree to teach a class, but he followed through on his promise, sitting down with the students at All Star Sandwich Bar in December.

The following semester, a new crop of students set their eyes on Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. After Gerzof faked a dizzy spell and passed out, Schilling responded to the students, tweeting, “Ok, I hear you guys! Have to check timing, but flattered you asked!” Unfortunately, Schilling wasn’t flattered enough to stop in, but clearly he was dealing with other issues.

With a new semester comes new celebrities, however. “Emerson being Emerson, half my students wanted a local sports star and the other half wanted to target a local movie star,” Gerzof says. So, who better to throw into the social media ring than Boston boy Mark Wahlberg and Dunkin’ Donuts poster child and Patriots superstar Rob Gronkowski?

The class has split into two teams and are now bantering back and forth on social media.  Gerzof admits he’s seen some great hashtags and posters being shared, and the students are only six days into the project.

We’ve included some of the students’ tweets below. Let’s just say, whoever came up with the hashtag #MarkyMarketing gets an automatic A.