Update: After senior Rolling Stone editor Christian Hoard deleted his original tweet from his feed, he has issued an apology:



A great deal of people, and not just Bostonians, are upset with the Rolling Stone magazine cover depicting bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. That is putting it diplomatically.

People are pissed. And other people are pissed that everyone else is so pissed. It’s a shitshow out there. And in the middle of it all is a deeply reported story by Janet Reitman, which, like many of her other pieces — such as this 2011 expose on scientology — is sure to be thoughtful and well researched and reveal information the reader might not have known before.

I am hesitant to contribute to the mayhem, but I’ve plugged the actual article, which is all I can really do.

As for the cover photo, it’s hard to believe the professional folks over at Rolling Stone let it loose on the Internet honestly thinking it wouldn’t incite such a backlash, which, might have been entirely the point, regardless of the effect it could have on Reitman’s prose lurking beneath Dzhokhar’s tussled hair and movie star gaze. It’s a photo many of the “Free Jahar” faithful have long coveted; it’s also just a picture of the “monster” behind an unprecedented terrorist attack. Many stores in Massachusetts feel it glamorizes a face on an illustrious editorial space typically reserved for icons, and have so begun banning it from their shelves.

In a time not at all germane to a humorous reaction, at least not to those of us in Boston, not about this, a senior editor at Rolling Stone has tweeted what’s either an honest, flippant response to the cover’s public reception, or else a joke about the very same. Either way, “poor taste” are only a few of the words that come to mind.

My intention here is not to throw one man under this out of control bus being driven by an entire editorial team (however blindly). Others from the magazine, like this associate editor, are defending the cover as the best illustration of the article it represents, which, whether you’re buying that or not, is absolutely their right.

Now, in regards to passing judgment on the cover photo, I’m going to read the article first. Which I hope others will do as well.

[h/t @jcmorgan]