Image via Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Conseravancy

Once the snow and ice thaws and Boston wraps itself in spring, the Rose Kennedy Greenway could be in for some innovative improvements. At a recent community meeting, Superintendent of Maintenance and Security at the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Bob Stigberg suggested the Greenway could be home to several new swings.

These swings would be intended more for comfort and leisure, and not like those often found in playgrounds and parks. Think relaxing porch swings instead.

Several steps need to be taken before the Conservancy can confirm a plan for the swings including an examination of the structural feasibility of the pergola from which the swings would hang. The pergola is the overhanging metal structure that forms a semi-shaded walkway over the North End Parks.

The Conservancy is currently waiting for the results of a structural analysis to determine if the pergola can safely support these swings.

If all goes according to plan, 8 of the Greenway’s 21 benches will be swings and the cost of replacement is estimated to be $95,000. All North End park improvements are budgeted at $400,000. Half of that will be made possible through a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant, and the other half through fundraising.

Due to the steel construction, the chipped and weatherbeaten benches are too hot in summer and too cold in winter as they sit, making it uncomfortable for passersby and park goers.

The remaining 13 benches will also be replaced though they’ll be grounded and more traditional.