Image via Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

On Tuesday the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy unveiled its latest public art installation, a collection of paper sheep located in front of the Radian building at the Chinatown section of the park.

Aptly dubbed Wandering Sheep, the brainchild of New York-based artist Kyu Seok Oh, the installation is the first in a series of animal exhibits based on the Chinese zodiac intended to activate a terminus of the Greenway that sometimes feels disconnected from the rest of the linear park.

“In paying tribute to the past and to the present, each year a call to artists will be held to present new contemporary artwork representative of that year’s Zodiac Animal,” said Lucas Cowan, Public Art Curator for the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in a statement. “We look forward to a continuing partnership with Radian and a 2016 install of a juried monkey-themed artwork.”

Inspiration for Wandering Sheep stems from Kyu Seok Oh’s own experience growing up as an illegal Japanese immigrant, searching for a sense of belonging and home.

It also offers a stark juxtaposition to the Greenway’s current art installations, the more colorfully vibrant Seven Moon Junction mural and overhanging As If It Were Already Here, and examines the use of a peculiar artistic medium: paper.

Image via Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy

“For the Rose Kennedy Greenway’s Chinatown Park, Wandering Sheep reflect the changing urban environment by playfully interacting with both the traditional Chinese culture and modern architecture that coexist in this location,” Kyu Seok Oh added in a statement. “The sheep invite the inhabitants of the Chinatown Park to play and wander somewhere unexpected together.”

The developers of Radian, Hudson Group, helped secure the funding to bring Wandering Sheep to Boston. Sourcing art, especially from local creatives, was a crucial aspect when decorating the building’s interior.

On of June 16, The Greenway and Radian will co-host a celebratory event in Chinatown Park with food and music. Later, on July 24, Cowan will curate an interactive event in dialogue with the artist.

In between, on June 18, the Greenway is throwing a massive young professional event underneath As If It Were Already Here to catalyze networking but also to showcase the beauty and dexterity of its various pieces of art. Party goers can expect an 80s cover band, open bar and popular food trucks.