The Rose Kennedy Greenway is teeming with innovation. Man, I love that place. Whether it’s solar powered cell phone charging benches, aerial art displays or highway ramp covers, the kind of change taking place on one of Boston’s most beloved public spaces stands to benefit us all in some respect. There’s one novelty, however, that’s been noticeably absent from the Greenway but won’t be for long.

Want to know what it is?

Drum roll please…


… it’s a water fountain! Or, if you’re a local like myself, you’ll be referring to it as a bubbler. But who am I to argue semantics?

That’s right, Boston. On Friday, the Greenway will debut its very first bubbler right in between the carousel and Boston Harbor Islands pavilion.

Called Amalie’s Fountain on behalf of leading Greenway Carousel donor Amalie Kass, though donated by the Hecht family, the innovative (there’s that word describing the Greenway again) GLOBALTAP Bottle Filler Fountain lets passersby hydrate at the bubbler, and, according to the press release, provide a drink for “their four legged friends!”

Here’s where the innovation comes into play: GLOBALTAP fountains are comprised of “heavy-duty steel with stainless steel inner surfaces,” according to GLOBALTAP’s website. “The stainless steel spout, and actuation button are vandal resistant. All units are painted with powder coats, corrosion protection, and a graffiti proof clear coating.”

If you’ve got nothing going on Friday in the early afternoon, I suggest you attend this unveiling if nothing else other to snag one of the Greenway Carousel water bottles being handed out to the first 100 bubbler users. Water bottles are still trendy right, Nalgene?

“The gift of a GLOBALTAP Bottle Filler Fountain by the Hecht family reinforces the Greenway’s pledge to providing state-of-the-art amenities to the thousands of visitors who come to enjoy our oasis of green space, family activities and public art in the heart of Boston,” said Jesse Brackenbury, Executive Director of the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. “The contributions of the Hecht family bring a healthy, sustainable addition to the Greenway.”