If your morning commute to work seems to take forever, you may want to consider hopping on the T.

On Tuesday, five commuters competed in the second annual Rush Hour Race, which tested five competing modes of transportation —  bicycle, car, MBTA, inline skates and running — to determine the fastest way to get from Davis Square to South Station.

The Red Line rider came in first place, followed by (surprisingly) the inline skater and the cyclists, respectively.

The Rush Hour Race was hosted by the LivableStreets Alliance, a local transportation non-profit agency and the Somerville Bicycle Committee.

All five competitors departed from Davis Square at 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, a peak travel time for most who commute in the Boston area. Participants were required to obey all traffic laws in order to ensure a fair and safe race, and the winner was determined simply by who was the first to arrive at South Station.

Last year, the Rush Hour Race went from Davis to Kendall Square, and the bicyclist came in first place, beating out the Red Line rider by 10 minutes. The car came in last place.

Lesson learned: the MBTA may not always the fastest, but it sure as hell beats driving.