Good news for the Samsung faithful out there as the Galaxy Note 3 release date, as well as that of the Galaxy Gear smart watch, have been confirmed but the dates for which they’ll ship to consumers differs. New reports this morning validate the rumor that both devices are slated to make a debut appearance at Samsung’s Unpacked event the day before IFA in Berlin, though one will ship later that month and the other in October.

Though Samsung fan site SamMobile has already written that they’ve confirmed both devices’ release dates for September 4, they wrote today that “Both the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear smartwatch are all but confirmed to be ready for an official unveiling on September 4th.” Subsequent reports by Bloomberg and 9to5google reaffirm the same.

The shipment dates are what’s really intriguing here as it looks as though Samsung is poised to make its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone ‘phablet’ readily available to consumers within weeks of the Sept 4 unveiling with the Galaxy Gear coming later in October. The site notes, “Our source mentions week 36 as the likely time when the Note III will begin shipping, while the smartwatch will be shipped around week 40, though a delay of a week or two may happen, depending on region.”

So why the delay? For one thing, launching two products simultaneously comes with the potential pitfall for each device to undercut the media attention of the other. For another, Apple is unofficially scheduled to host a press event on September 10 and seeing as how Apple is showing no haste when it comes to its alleged iWatch smartwatch device, it is primed to launch its iPhone 5S, low-cost iPhone 5C, iPad and iPad mini, and iOs 7 on that date. So it’s only natural for Samsung to want to announce its products first and have it on the minds of techies while Apple is still prepping its goods.

As for the Galaxy Note III specs, here’s what users can expect come September 4 and with the subsequent weeks:

Battery Life

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to run on one of the most powerful smartphone batteries around, if not the most powerful. Of course, the battery isn’t burly just for the sake of being so, it has a 5.7-inch full HD super AMOLED display to keep lit among other goodies. The smartphone-tablet hybrid will carry a 3450mAh battery. To put in perspective just how powerful it is, consider that the 6.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Mega uses a 3200mAh battery while the Note 3’s predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2, uses a 3100mAh.

Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Back in July Google released the latest version of its Jelly Bean mobile operating system, Android 4.3. However, the folks over at Samsung seem to have divulged nearly all of the most attractive specifications save for an OS. According to fan site GottaBeMobile today, though, “The device is now certain to arrive with Android 4.3” after clearing DLNA certifications, so while not made specifically made official by Samsung or Android the device will certainly operate on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, unless Google surprises us all with an even more recent OS update by the release date.


When it comes to specs for the Galaxy Note 3, users need to be weary for two different processors. One type will run on an Exynos 5420 (SM-N900) and the other a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (SM-N9005). To find out which you’ll be receiving should you opt to purchase one, check out the list SamMobile has compiled right here per country.

Users should also  keep an eye out for, 32GB of internal storage with the likelihood of MicroSD support, and probably some kind of external upgrade with the bezel or shell. A 13MP camera will allow the device to compete with the overhauled photo technology of the likes of Nokia and its Lumia 1020, while 3GB of RAM will allow the Note 3 to have faster processing with seamless multitasking capabilities and compete with LG’s latest G2 flagship released last week.