Yes, it’s Day 1 of ROFLCon III at MIT. If you’re not there, fret not. You can live stream it here, and watch safely from your cubicle. Something just makes sense about watching a conference about the Internet on the Internet. That said, there have been some pretty awesome scenes so far throughout the day. I’ve been monitoring Twitter like a digital hawk to make sure that no LOL, PWN, OMG, or Meme goes unseen. And there have been plenty.

In case you couldn’t get tickets, here’s what the scene looks like. I’ve seen a lot of Scumbag Steve, whom I commend for taking his personal meme, which isn’t, well, flattering in stride the way he has. I also have seen quite a few mentions of Tron Guy, who is present and in full attire. Very shortly, I’ll be heading over to MIT to see what’s going on and will likely be trying to solidify my brain by evening’s end because there’s no chance it doesn’t melt from this much Internet. I’ll be there tomorrow as well, so keep an eye out. As I wrote yesterday, tomorrow’s keynote panel is “Defending the Internet,” and will feature panelists from Reddit, Google and prominent web forces. It’s going to be interesting.

Until then, here’s the scene via Twitter: