The bartender who recorded and released the infamous 47% video of Governor Mitt Romney speaking at a fundraiser revealed his identity tonight on MSNBC, and it turns out he’s from Boston.

Scott Prouty was a bartender working at a fundraiser Romney held in Boca Raton, Florida, and brought his camera hoping to get a picture with the candidate, according to his explanation of the video. As The Washington Post reports:

Prouty grew up in a blue-collar neighborhood in Boston, he said. He said he felt that people who couldn’t afford to attend a high-priced fundraiser should get a chance “to find out what the candidate actually thinks.”

Prouty has said he struggled with whether to release the video, and has cited Bill Clinton’s hospitality at a similar fundraiser years earlier as his reason for bringing the camera to the event.

Prouty’s interview tonight reveals someone calculating how to release the video as to make the most impact in the election. He claimed to time the interview specifically to maximize that impact, and that his decision to stay out of the spotlight until now was based on the same consideration.

As Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod  said on MSNBC Wednesday night, “I’ve always felt that cities like Boston and Chicago, politics are in the water…You have to hand it to him – he handled it in a pretty shrewd way.”