The USA-Canada rivalry in women’s hockey is rapidly becoming one of the best subplots of the Sochi Olympics. Both teams openly despise each other, and are the favorites to meet in the gold medal game. [SPOILER ALERT] They met earlier on Wednesday in an early round game, and Canada held on for a narrow 3-2 win.

That said, the game wasn’t without its fair share of controversy. In the above video (Canada’s second goal), the referee seemed to blow the whistle (which would stop play) before the puck crossed the line. If it had been ruled that way officially, the goal would not have stood. And considering the final result (a one-goal game), it would have potentially changed the outcome. Judge it for yourself, but it certainly seems to have not crossed the line prior to the whistle (I’m a bias American though, so what do I know?)

Though this loss does not eliminate the USA women (who were undefeated prior to this), it does change their seeding for the medal round. It makes the USA road to winning their first gold since 1998 that much harder. Ultimately, it will provide a little extra motivation, should they meet their rivals again.

Also, here was the first American goal, courtesy of a quality deflection from New Hampshire’s Hilary Knight: