The Massachusetts Senate took their turn on Thursday voting on the new sales tax on software and computer services. At 38-0, the votes on Beacon Hill were overwhelmingly in favor of a repeal, as expected.

The tax came into effect in the beginning of August, and has since sparked outrage and criticism within the Bay State’s technology and business ecosystem. The MassTLC, Mass. Taxpayers Foundation and a number of other such organizations and business leaders around the state met with legislators at the Capital to warn against the the tax’s threat to the economy and the growth of the technology industry.

On Wednesday this week, the House of Representatives also voted 156-1 to repeal the tech tax.

Both chambers gave the repeal bill its final approval on Thursday afternoon. The decision for the repeal now rests in the hands of Governor Deval Patrick, the original architect of the transportation act that contained the 6.25 percent sales tax.

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