Mobile app developers can now purchase “Power Users,” and at a price Boston-based SessionM would argue is too powerful to pass up.

The mobile loyalty and monetization company announced Thursday the launch of a new self-service audience acquisition platform, called SessionM OnDemand. The goal is simple: Help mobile developers acquire high quality installs at, essentially, half price.

The cost of acquiring loyal users — those who open an app three times or more — increased by 5 percent, or seven cents, to $1.52, according to local mobile app marketing startup Fiksu. What SessionM is able to do, however, is identify and segment the most active, loyal and engaged users, the “Power Users,” on both iOS and Android platforms. Those users represent the top 33 percent of users who drive 80 percent of all in-app activity and revenue.

Fiksu has become one of SessionM’s largest buyers of app installs and has served as a beta partner for the new OnDemand service. “SessionM has been a great user acquisition channel for our clients,” said Fiksu’s VP of Business Development Steve Bagdasarian in a statement, “consistently delivering some of the highest lifetime value users amongst our channel partners.”

And other clients have seen success, as well. Developers who have integrated SessionM’s loyalty platform have reportedly garnered a 22 percent higher retention rate and a two-fold increase in engagement among users acquired compared to other audience acquisition channels.

Come Thursday, the self-service ad platform became available to any mobile app developer. Those who have already integrated SessionM into their apps, however, will be able to acquire new users at a fraction of the cost of other developers. The price will drop from roughly $2 to $2.50 on iOS to around $1 to $1.50 for developers with SessionM installed.

As VentureBeat noted, “It’s genius, really. The company has put its finger on the core problem for mobile developers today and custom-built a solution to solve it.”

“To date we have focused our efforts on helping publishers recognize, reward and retain their most valuable users,” said SessionM Chief Revenue Officer Bill Clifford in a statement. “We are now helping them acquire more of these power users on a positive ROI basis.”

And what mobile app developer can say “No” to a deal like that?

Image via Shutterstock