If you were going to design a tablet just for women, what would it look like and how would it function?

It’s a tricky proposition to be sure, but the Middle East-based Eurostar Group has developed just such a product called the ePad Femme, writes Michelle Jaworski of The Daily Dot, which it’s billing as the “world’s first tablet made exclusively for women.”

And what exactly does that look like, you may be asking?

Well, naturally, it comes preloaded with a pink background and a number of apps that’ll help women do all the things they love most in the world, like grocery shopping, cooking, yoga and watching their weight.

It’ll also count your calories automatically and double as a reusable dryer sheet, cause chicks totally love laundry. (Fine, I made those last two up.)

Despite Associate Vice President for Marketing at Eurostar Group Mani Nair’s insistence that the product isn’t sexist, pretty much everything about it would say otherwise.

“The Tablet comes preloaded with applications so you can just turn it on and log in to cooking recipes or yoga,” Nair told the Jerusalem Post. “It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.”

Oh Nair. You would have been far better off billing this thing as “the world’s most narrow minded product made exclusively to give your company a terrible reputation” — because that’s about all this silly tablet is going to achieve. (Confirmed in part by the fact that it’s only sold 7,000 units as of mid last month.)

The ePad Femme is said to feature an eight-inch screen, run on Android 4.0 and come with 16GB of internal storage. And the whole girly little package will only cost your husbands $190 (because women don’t make any money).

None of this matters of course, however, because just like everybody else fuming at this article right now, you’re not going to buy one either.