Over the next few days you will see a plethora of “top posts in 2011” stories all over the internet. These posts are a great way for bloggers and publishers to showcase some of their older content and give it one last push into the limelight before the new year. The issue with most of these posts are that they are just a simple link dump and often provide no rhyme or reason behind the rankings. Cambridge based Shareaholic has just launched a new publisher tool to help bloggers showcase their top content in a much more creative way and eye appealing way- an infographic.

Shareaholic’s Top Posts is a simple online tool that requires you to sign up with an email address and authorize with Google Analytics. From there, the tool will generate an infographic based on the websites that are associated with your Google account. The infographic then visualizes your top pages, search terms, and top referral sources.

“Our goal at Shareaholic is to help website owners drive more visibility, traffic and views to their content.  Our brand new tool does just this by making it easy for users to drive more traffic and engagement to their best posts in a very fun and playful way via infographics, while offering insightful and actionable audience data,” responded Shareaholic CEO Jay Meattle in an email.

This is a neat little addition to Shareholic’s publisher tools and certainly opens up their products to a wider audience. After playing around with the tool, which has a little bit of a HubSpot-esque feel – HubSpot has a plethora of tools like this for marketers – I can only imagine that we will start to see more of these consumer focused tools coming out of Shareaholic. There is a huge opportunity to optimize social sharing across the web and these tools are just the beginning.

Shareaholic was founded back in 2008 by Jay Meattle as a nights and weekend project. Jay and his team have been fun to watch grow over the last few years. The team has been very quiet in the past, building the product, but I would expect to hear a lot more noise from them in 2012. Shareaholic’s team is now seven strong, has raised $2 million in venture funding and works out of Dogpatch Labs.