Curation: It’s hot right now. It allows us to easily share any content we find interesting, and then it lets others to do the same. It’s quick, saves the time of writing, referencing, and quoting, and it allows the original producer to receive the credit they deserve. The idea of being able to share a cool article, picture, or any other kind of content with their friends with the click of a button has the tech community starstruck, and things are only getting better.

It’s easy to forward information on to your friends with Twitter; they can follow you and re-tweet your tweets if they find what you have to say interesting. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could manage a page that was dedicated just to content you’d like to curate?

Fortunately for all of us curation lovers, there’s Shareist, a platform that Stow-based MechMedia is developing to make curating simpler: Shareist is a digital curation platform that will allow users to create pages on which they can easily curate content to share with their friends. Posts will be more accessible than a tweet or a Facebook post because they will appear on the site in one big collection, and they can be organized into lists to add more structure. Although Shareist doesn’t plan to launch fully until later this summer, their beta launch is being tested now.

So how will this work as a social experience? If a user constantly curates content that they particularly enjoy, anyone who has common interests can check out the user’s other posts. That way, users can follow each others’ Shareist pages and make more connections. According to Shareist co-founder Scott Jangro, the service will make it simple for new users to create their pages and start generating content.

But Shareist isn’t stopping with individuals who have a love of curation; the service will also be available for companies to use in order to compile information about their brand. “Blogging is obviously something that everyone is encouraged to do. But it’s difficult to keep creating fresh content, especially when you feel like people aren’t reading it,” Jangro told us, “So this is an alternative, a supplement to blogging, and it’s finding content that other people are writing. If you’re a brand, people are blogging about you, and you can curate articles together: Blog posts, pictures and  videos people post, and tweets. The curation model is a way of doing that, and it just hasn’t been available.”

Another function Shareist offers is the curation of certain events. If you wish to create a list of curated posts or tweets about a conference, you can do so, and share the experience with those who could not attend. One example of Shareist users covering an event through curation was Bumpzee’s work on the tornadoes that hit Western Massachusetts last week. The coverage is quick, specific, and captures a significant tragedy. Shareist can be used for lots of different kinds of events, though: “Somebody who is focusing on a particular topic is really creating something unique. We have tools that allow you to quarry Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google News. You can build a page as an event unfolds,” Jangro said.

Right now Shareist is being tested by beta launch participants, including ShoeHunting, ShoeBuy, and Bumpzee. If you’d like to try Shareist out, you can request an invitation, and make sure to follow them on Twitter and Like them on Facebook!

Do you think Shareist will redefine the way we curate?