Even after a Great White Shark chomped down on both of his legs, Chris Myers is able to walk a little on his own, and continues to recover.

In an exclusive video produced by Massachusetts General Hospital, Myers, the first person to be attacked by a Great White in Massachusetts in several decades, talks about the gruesome attack that left puncture wounds in both of his legs and tore tendons in his left ankle—leading to more than 40 stitches.

“First thing I felt was a bite on my left foot. It felt like I had my foot stuck in a refrigerator or a vise. I knew instantly it was a shark,” said Myers. “[My son and I] started swimming as hard as we could towards shore.”

Myers, a Colorado resident, said he is thankful for the hospital staff that helped repair his legs after the massive sea creature bit down on them earlier in July while he was paddle boarding with his son on Ballston Beach in Truro, Cape Cod.

“I am now able to walk on crutches and even take a few steps on my own,” he said. “I’m expected to make a full recovery.”

Massachusetts General Hospital released the video of Myers talking about his experience on August 7, the same day officials finally confirmed it was indeed a Great White Shark that had attacked him.

Initially, following the attack, Marine Biologist Dr. Gregory Skomal, the state’s top person to turn to when it comes to sharks in the Bay State, said “in all likelihood” it was a Great White that came after Myers, after visiting the victim in the hospital, as shown in the video.

Prior to this, the last confirmed white shark attack in Massachusetts happened in 1936, Skomal told reporters during a press conference last month.

Officials have been tracking nine Great Whites off the coast of the Cape this summer. They check updates on the sharks weekly, according to Skomal.

Myers said he is thrilled to be able to go home following the rare incident.

“I feel lucky to have made it back to that beach in one piece. And very lucky that my son did not get bitten,” he said in the video.