Boston will soon be getting a double dose of eye-popping art. Shinique Smith, whose vibrant works of graphic and collage art have been displayed all over the world, will be painting a mural at the Dewey Square Park on the Rose Kennedy Greenway and will have her works exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts.

Smith fostered her creativity and imagination in part while attending school at both Tufts University  and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Her showcase at the MFA, called “Bright Matter,” kicks off on August 23 and will last until March 1, 2015. Her work on the Greenway, however, will commence in September.

The MFA show will feature 30 of Smith’s most celebrated pieces from the past decade alone and be the venue for the bevy of brand new paintings, sculptures, full-room installations, videos and performances.

It’s unclear what Smith’s design for the Greenway will be (the Greenway notes online that it’ll be “unveiled later this summer”), though given the vivid, dynamic and energetic works she’s become world-renowned for, I’d be willing to bet some semblance of that will emblazon the wall on the Greenway. That space in particular, after all, has become the canvas for many massive murals to be featured on for bystanders and passersby alike to enjoy.

The wall at Dewey Square currently plays host to Matthew Ritchie’s Remanence: Salt and Light, a chilling and reminiscent portrayal of Boston’s historic past when it was first designated a City on a Hill, upon which all the eyes of the world were watching, by John Winthrop. Prior to that it was a controversial mural by two Portuguese brothers that spawned racial slurs and ignorant comments towards people of Middle Eastern descent.

Smith’s works are more abstract, evoking deep sentiments through sporadic brush strokes and illuminating colors.

Writes the MFA about Smith’s electrifying art, “Whether in graffiti, calligraphy, and vibrant sweeping strokes on canvas; patterned clothing densely clustered or hung as human forms; or even full-body impressions pressed in ink against walls, her works reflect intersecting forces—of personal history, influence, and energy.”

Smith and the Greenway Conservancy have selected Overall Murals, Inc. to produce this 70-foot tall, original piece commissioned by the Conservancy.

To get a better idea for her type of art, check out her online gallery right here. Stay tuned to BostInno for more information on the works to be displayed at Dewey Square and the MFA, as well as from Smith herself.

Image via Shinique Smith, Splendid (detail), 2014. Ink, acrylic, fabric and collage, ribbon, rope and yarn on wood panel. Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery, New York/Shanghai. © Shinique Smith