The Shorty Awards have been honoring the social media savvy for five years, recognizing the best of the best brands producing content across the Internet on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and more. The 2013 Shorty Awards are welcoming in a new category, though, centered around all things college, and the Boston University community is starting to lure in a majority of the praise.

Boston University’s College of Communication is currently in fifth place. Their Twitter account, @comugrad, has attracted nearly 3,000 followers, which is impressive since the bird has only “been the word” since some time in 2012. In the College’s Shorty Interview, they claimed they use Twitter “to engage with [their] students and provide a resource that is constantly available.”

To make their tweets unique, the school claims they add “a human voice that reflects the collective personality” of their student body, because they’re “a school, not a robot” and that they strive to strike a balance between “engagement, news, BU-related promotion and general nonsense.”

Following in the College of Communication’s footsteps, in the sixth spot, is Boston University’s Dean of Students Kenn Elmore. The @DeanElmore Twitter handle has garnered close to 12,200 followers. Considering his response to the question, “What are some words or phrases you refuse to shorten for brevity?” include the words “Sasquatch,” “ticky-tack,” “Rick-Rolled” and “C’mon man,” it’s hard to deny the man is cool.

One of the only characters cooler, according to the Shorty Awards list, is the account for a bulldog known as @ButlerBlue2—the official mascot for Butler University. The pup has taken the number one spot, and is followed by accounts from Queens University of Charlotte, the University of Florida and Roanoke College.

Locally, Emerson College is the only other account to crack the top 30, coming in at number 25. What does that mean here in the Hub? The colleges need to start stepping up their social media game, and not let Boston University keep beating them on the Internet.

Voting for the Shorty Awards will commence on January 7. Those who win will then be honored at a ceremony taking place in New York on April 8.

For a look at the entire Shorty Awards College list, click here. Or, to check out memes of Boston’s beloved Dean Elmore (how could we resist?), take a look at the slideshow below.