The Pittsburgh Penguins find themselves trailing for the first time this postseason, down 0-2 to the Bruins heading back to the Garden. Things look awfully bleak for the top-seeded team in the Eastern Conference. But how much of the Penguins’ impotence can be attributed to the B’s, and how much of it is internal?

Former Chicago Blackhawk and coach of Braintree’s Thayer Academy varsity hockey team, Tony Amonte, appeared on Comcast SportsNet New England and offered his take on why captain Sidney Crosby is so disliked amongst fans, players and fellow teammates.

I don’t know. I don’t know what made it turn. But something turned with Sidney Crosby. The way he approached the game, the way he approached the fans. It doesn’t feel right to me. It doesn’t feel sincere. And that’s why I kind of turned on him. Hearing some different stories about him inside the locker room and the one thing that I kind of think I know is … the Conn Smythe.


I think he is so jealous of Evgeni Malkin winning that trophy [as the playoff MVP] a few years ago. I’m telling you – he wants it all. He thinks he is an elite player, in the same conversation with Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Sakic and these guys, and to do that, you need to win a Conn Smythe, you have to have that on your resume if you want to be talked about the way those guys are. I think it eats him up that they won that Cup and he didn’t get the Conn Smythe.

Whether or not Amonte’s comments are true, they are certainly compelling. Crosby’s arrogance seems to have been corroborated, from taking a cheap shot at Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask to his comments before Game 3 tonight.



Crosby and Malkin head to the Garden to stave off an 0-3 deficit tonight at 8.