Two electronic signs strapped to the ceiling in the Interstate 93 tunnel were hit by an over-sized truck traveling through Boston on Tuesday morning, and were dangling above cars driving below.

According to Massachusetts State Police, an over height tractor trailer struck  one of the overhead electronic signs inside the O’Neill Tunnel.

The sign is located in the middle lane of Route 93 northbound south of Exit 23. According to MassDOT officials, the signals are used as traffic control devices and drivers may know them as the devices that display green arrows or red X’s to steer traffic to or from certain lanes.

A second sign was located near the entrance to the I-93 Northbound Tunnel, according to officials.

MassDOT Maintenance and the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Units showed up at the scene to assist in the investigation.

The investigation includes the review of video from the tunnel. The over height vehicle alarm was triggered prior to the incident. MassDOT said they removed both hanging Lane Use Signals and the all lanes were re-opened to traffic before 11 a.m.

Police said traffic was slightly impacted due to the sign hanging above cars traveling through the tunnel.

A photo of the sign, while blurry, was posted on Twitter by Jason Porter and sent to Universal Hub.

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Below, MassDOT provided BostInno with an example photo of the fixtures.