What do you call a six-legged spider robot that seats two and trumps that wimpy van you call a Hummer? Whatever you call it, it’s being made as part of the Robotics Intensive: Rideable Hexapod class at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, the 31,000 square foot co-working space that’s “churning out robots, sculptures and fire-breathers,” as we reported a couple of months ago.

Project Hexapod, the crew creating the beast has been blogging about the project since the course started and announced today that they had settled on a name:

We came to a major decision this past week – the 2,500 pound, 135 horsepower, propane-fueled, hydraulically powered hexapod robot will be named… Stompy.

Sounds sweet and cuddly, right?

If its name and description didn’t already force its way into your future nightmares, the kind folks at Project Hexapod also included the first pictures of what the monster might look like:

How awesome is that thing? The site adds:

You may be confused as to how large this robot is. The distance between the centers of the two middle legs, folks, is currently 17 feet. That’s about a lane of traffic… and a half.

Sheesh, settle down, Stompy.

I’m very much looking forward to the day when I’ll be sprinting southbound on 93 North with the rest of the daily commuters past our abandoned cars because Stompy here decided to march his way up the off ramp to feed on flesh and gasoline.

You know what the funniest part of that morning will be? We’ll be running directly into the waiting arms of whatever mechanical witchcraft Boston Dynamics has been manufacturing.

Soon enough, giant robots will be dropping us into cages with alligators the way we do mice with snakes.

Can’t wait.

For more information about Stompy and all the necessary project resources, definitely check out the blog and this overview of the project.

(all images courtesy of ProjectHexapod.com)