Smarter in the CityBoston tech is banding together to support the first cohort of Smarter in the City, Dudley Square’s new inner-city accelerator.

The organization revealed Monday a handful of startups spun by residents in the Roxbury and Dorchester area that will be participating in the six-month pilot program, sponsored by online video platform Brightcove, Metis Communications and the Boston Foundation. In addition to free office space, teams will also be provided a small stipend to help them devote maximum time and effort to their projects.

Local leaders are also getting involved in Smarter in the City’s efforts in a mentor capacity. Terrible Labs’ Jeremy Weiskotten and Michael Bar-Sinai of Harvard IQSS are just two of the innovators that will be fielding startups’ questions as they grow their business over the summer.

Innovation is ignorant to age and gender, neighborhood and race; it’s inspiring to witness the local tech community uniting to foster innovation efforts in all areas of Boston and Cambridge.

Now, meet the crew of companies in Smarter in the City’s summer class:

TrendOn.TV will be the next big thing to help connect TV viewers to cool fashion seen on TV or worn by their favorite celebrities. Users will also be able to search for jewelery, shoes, sneakers and gadgets.

Mbadika fosters youth-driven innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.S. and Sub-Saharan Africa, using a set of electronic toolkits to ignite new ideas and designs by young makers.

Storymap Solutions is developing web-based tools for heritage storytelling using maps. It will allow cultural and heritage organizations like museums, art galleries, and libraries to easily create interactive maps that visitors can use to explore history, places, and events around the world.

KillerBoomBox is a multi-media publishing brand that focuses on documenting the lifestyle and culture of multi-cultural youth from an inclusive and intelligent perspective.


Grand Interactive is an app development agency specializing in the biotech and mobile healthcare industries.

Images via Smarter in the City