Nothing says "happy holidays" like Buddy the Elf & Occupy Boston!

Last night we stumbled upon, a little gem of holiday spirit from Boston-based ad agency Mullen. Using HTML5 and Google Maps v3, turns the Google Street View of any address into a winter wonderland complete with falling snowflakes and a variety of decorations like gingerbread men, Buddy the Elf, an igloo and even a man drinking cocktails in an ugly sweater. Add a personalized holiday greeting, and share your creation with friends and family across the globe.

According to a blog post from Mullen’s Chief Innovation Officer Edward Boches, began as a creation of Mullen developer Joe Palasek, who created the snowflakes as he was teaching himself Canvas. From there, a barrage of Mullen employees walked by Palasek’s computer and suggested he added more options like icons and Google Street View, and eventually, was born.

The website is a great distraction for those of you who are spending today at work counting down the minutes until the long weekend begins. For research purposes, I spent a good amount of time last night creating several awesome cards with The first scene involved Occupy protesters and naked Barbie and Ken dolls wearing Santa hats, hanging out in harmony outside my Boston apartment. The second card featured a fire-breathing devil battling a giant green figure in my parents’ front yard. Legit.

Think you can top my creations? Check out below. Post links to your best creations in the comments below, and we’ll award a BostInno t-shirt to the best one. Get snowifying!

Writer’s Note: Sliggity wanted this headline to be “Mullen Decorates Your House With Naked People.” Yeah, weird.

Editor’s Note: Count it.