Soda bans may be the rage in city hall discussions right now, but on the Internet, the sugary soft drink remains perfectly sippable.

Soda Drinker Pro,” a video game that simulates slurping the fizzy beverage, is making waves in cyberspace right now, and I’m entirely unsure why.

The game is designed as a FPS, which in gaming land typically means “first person shooter.” However, in this case, it means “first person soda.”

The objective of the game is to walk around and drink your can of soda in various landscapes, from the beach to outer space. Literally, that’s it. Once you finish your soda, you move onto the next level, which involves much of the same—sipping your soda.

Soda Drinker Pro is about half a decade old, created by local developer Will Brierly, who works out of the Cambridge Innovation Center. “One day, I woke up around 4 in the morning and was super thirsty—at that moment I realized it had to be made,” Brierly told BostInno of the game’s inception.

Re-released at an arts festival in Providence, Rhode Island last month, Soda Drinker Pro’s shoddy graphics, lame music and mindless, pointlessness have actually been met favorably in the indie gaming community. The game recently hit a milestone of 100,000 downloads in 30 days, said Brierly.

The Wall Street Journal said of the game, “It’s a bit of a trip… we sorta liked it… for its absurdist qualities,” adding, “It’s a lot of fun.”

One Cnet reviewer was unimpressed at first, but quickly changed her mind: “As you play Soda Drinker Pro, you go from thinking ‘WTF?’ to a gradual acceptance of this unnatural world you’ve stepped into.”

Gaining momentum on Reddit, international fans of the game have created their own soda-sipping games inspired by Brierly’s, and even baked soda-flavored cupcakes based on his game. Perhaps most impressively, Brierly said national soda companies have contacted him about doing cross-promotional campaigns in conjunction with the game.

In the coming days, Brierly will launch the game on Steam Greenlight, where users can donate 50 cents for Brierly to create new levels, and in exchange, donors will receive “Bonus Sodas.” He also plans on having a presence at PAX next month.

While I still prefer sipping a Diet Coke in reality over playing “Soda Drinker Pro” on my computer, I can’t argue with the video-gaming masses on this one. Check out the game here, and in the slideshow below.