Photo credit: Ben Holmes

There’s certainly no shortage of Boston events with great speakers (just look to the BostInno Approved weekly roundup for proof). The only snag with some of these meetups? They can get, well, a little boring sometimes. Because the fact is, even with the most esteemed professionals or fascinating Boston startups on hand, a super-formal PowerPoint format can feel a little yawn-worthy.

Elyse Andrews

But a new speaker series seeks to change all that. Creative Somerville highlights local entrepreneurs at a monthly meetup that takes place in Aeronaut Brewing, and it’s carried out in an anti-PowerPoint structure. After the speakers give a brief talk, co-curators Mia Scharphie and Elyse Andrews (also the Somerville Beat founder) fire a few questions at them, and then the Q&A discussion is opened up to the audience. After that, there’s still plenty of time left for everyone to mingle over a few brews.

So far, Andrews tells me that the events, which are all free, have been both fun and inspiring — and the audience has grown each month. The first event took place at the now-defunct Creative Union, with the Aeronaut Brewing founders sharing their story. Since then, Creative Somerville has hosted two other events: one with Department of Play cofounder Kate Balug, and another with Foret Design Studio cofounders Rose Mattos and Erin Heath.

This month’s installment, “All These Hats: A Designer’s Wardrobe,” features a fireside chat with Trevor Holmes, a designer and videographer at Cambridge startup Wistia. And he has a lot to talk about, from how he’s helped to build sites for creative agencies and real estate professionals, designed logos and graphics for local brands, as made his dog an Instagram star.