In Somerville, government transparency is as clear as the city’s mayor cooking you dinner in your own kitchen.

The city recently launched a program called “MIMBY,” short for “Mayor in My Backyard,” which aims to put the top Somerville official, Mayor Joe Curtatone, inside the homes of constituents.

“It’s an additional effort to engage with our constituency. What I love most about this job is to sit and meet with people, talk about issues and talk about the community,” Curtatone said during an interview with Somerville’s cable access television channel. “It allows them to have me in their backyard or their kitchen…and again, Ill bring the food, if they bring the food for thought.”

The program, a play on the term “Not in My Back Yard,” where the public’s role in government is mainly to say “No,” will let residents talk about their “general feelings about the city,” Curtatone said.

“We’re just having a little fun with [it] as we continue to move toward a more open and participatory government,” according to a post on the City of Somerville’s Facebook page.

City officials said that the MIMBY program, which is exclusive to their residents, is a new way to spend some “quality time with your Mayor.”

“Just invite Mayor Joe Curtatone over—perhaps to your home, parent group, or man cave—and he’ll bring the refreshments,” the Facebook post said. “You bring the conversation and perhaps your neighbors, family or friends. It’s all about accessible government—VERY accessible government.”

If you plan on participating, be sure to whip up some classic Italian food, though, because that’s Curtatone’s “specialty.”

The re-promotion of the program received more than 50 “likes” on Facebook Monday, as well as a more than a dozen responses from residents.

“We want the setting to be very informal and very casual…on a host of issues” said Curtatone.

Now, if only Mayor Tom Menino would get better so he can swing by our office and make some sandwiches while we chat about Boston Innovation.