The Hub will be back in the spotlight starting in January as a new reality show featuring the self-proclaimed “last townies standing” from South Boston hits the TV screen.

Episodes of “Southie Rules,” a series about a family battling the gentrification of one of Boston’s most notorious neighborhoods, will begin airing on A&E on January 29, at 10 p.m., according to the network.

“Southie Rules” will capture the family’s struggle as “gentrification [threatens] the Southie way of life.”

The network says the family won’t stand by and “watch their traditions get shoved aside.”

“This family is one of the few remaining multi-generational Southie clans all living under the same roof of a triple-decker,” according to A&E.

The show, which was produced by Somerville-based Powderhouse Productions, highlights the family as they battle back against “yuppies, sushi restaurants and $5 cups of coffee,” that are allegedly taking over their turf.

Earlier this year, BostInno talked to local experts about gentrification in the South Boston neighborhood after a post to a “Southie” blog drew ire from those living in the community.

The small blog post, which highlighted the author’s efforts to integrate with Southie residents through local fundraising and attending community meetings, set off a firestorm of responses (about 200 comments) on Facebook.

At the time, Jacob Vigdor, Professor of Public Policy and Economics at Duke University, told BostInno there is bound to be some amount of tension when neighborhoods are flooded with newcomers that change the way a community identifies with itself—but it’s hard to avoid the process once it begins.

“This is like trying to stop a glacier. There are natural forces that make this process happen and it’s hard to stand in their way,” said Vigdor. “What makes a glacier move is gravity and melting, but with gentrification, the force you are dealing with is basic economics.”

A lack of housing in Boston, mixed with an increase in population, also leads to community takeovers, he said, much like those the family in “Southie Rules” will be fighting against when the show airs in 2013.

Along with “Southie Rules” A&E is also on track to produce a reality show with Mark Wahlberg called “Teamsters,” which will showcase Teamsters Local 25, an 11,000 member workers’ union based in Charlestown.

On February 27, Wahlberg’s brother, Donnie, will have a new series on TNT called “Boston’s Finest,” a cop-reality show that highlights the men and women in blue uniforms here in the Hub.

The shows come at a time when Hollywood hotshots have shown a vested interest in shooting films in Boston, and the Bay State in general.

Last month, the Massachusetts Film Office, the state agency charged with assisting movie-making and filming, said interest in shooting here is on the rise and it brings significant financial benefits to the Bay State.

In a recent press release from the MFO, officials said Massachusetts also ranked in the top 10 locations worldwide for film production.

Do you want to see more TV shows filmed here?