Springpad Cofounder & CPO Jeff Chow

Boston-based Springpad confirmed in a blog post Friday that it will be shutting down its personal organization and productivity app. On Tuesday, it’s been confirmed that four engineers, along with Co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Chow, will be joining Google’s Cambridge office to work on Google Play Newstand.

After the Pinterest-meets-Evernote company, which employed 20 and had five million users, confirmed the end of its service, rumors began swirling that the shuttering was actually an acqui-hire with Google.

The startup’s founder Jeff Janer acknowledged the team’s moves via email on Tuesday. The handful of ex-Springpad engineers will work on Google Play Newstand, a product launched late 2013.

Springpad struggled to generate revenue and couldn’t scale enough to become self-sustaining, according to the Boston Business Journal. Factor in the challenge of founding a consumer-facing company in Boston – a city best known for its enterprise tech and B2B software startups – and the situation seems even more difficult.

The company published a blog post on Tuesday morning that outlines three options for its multi-million users looking to export their data.

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Image via Twitter/Springpad