I’ve long been a fan of the Staff Meal food truck and their owners,  Adam Gendreau and Patrick  Gilmartin. Their Twitter account is hilarious, their Instagram photos are almost edible and they aren’t afraid to put guys like the Phantom Gourmet clowns in their place.

Notice I didn’t mention anything about their food.

Not because it’s bad, but because I had never tried Staff Meal’s food. But that all changed one spooky day last month (Halloween, for those of you that didn’t catch that).

Currently, the truck serves tacos and burritos, but not the traditional Mexican kind you’re thinking of. Their burritos are slathered in unique ingredients like tempura flakes, beef tongue chili and Fritos. (Yes, fritos.)

As of this winter, though, Staff Meal is revamping their menu and swapping to Cantonese fare, so I ventured over to the truck before its burritos and tacos became extinct. The menu that particular day included Chinese sausage, chicken stroganoff, chorizo and a variety of other meaty options for you to put in a burrito or taco of your choice. I went with the chicken stroganoff and had no idea what to expect, besides that it would be amazing, because I hadn’t heard anyone say a bad word about Staff Meal’s food.

Well, they were right. The pulled chicken combined with rice, crunchy tempura flakes and chunks of mushrooms folded into a soft tortilla is heavenly. The salty, flavorful blend, which you wouldn’t imagine inside a burrito, actually works incredibly well. Better than most traditional, Mexican burritos, I’d say.

My lunch buddy tried the Irene V.2, which included beef tongue chili and Fritos, a savory, almost too-good-to-be-true combo that any foodie can appreciate.

The only foreseeable downside to these ‘ritos are that they’re going extinct in the near future. Please bring them back soon, Staff Meal.

Check out what the blogosphere is saying about Staff Meal below.

A Thought For Food:

I first stumbled across the Staff Meal Food Truck last summer.  It was after Eric and I had gorged ourselves at SOWA, where we ate banh mi sandwiches and shared some ice cream.  We decided it would be good for us to walk a bit and so we strolled over towards the Boston Public Library.  And that’s when we saw a board outside their truck with that day’s menu specials on it: foie gras baklava, chorizo tacos, arepas with pickled watermelon rind.  Yes, this is a food truck, but  these guys like to think outside the box.

Boston Food Truck Blog (to be fair, this was before their truck was repainted, but still funny):

The Staff Meal food truck looks a bit shady at first.

It eerily resembles the unmarked vans you imagine driving around luring children to look at puppies. Thankfully Staff Meal only lures customers in to feed them…

…Quality food with a creative spin.

I also like Staff Meal’s whole motto:meals prepared for restaurant staff, by restaurant staff.  They just let the rest of us tag along.

Have you eaten at Staff Meal? What are your thoughts on its fare?