Another Boston food truck is becoming less mobile. On Friday, via Twitter, Staff Meal announced plans to move their operations indoors and start a brick and mortar restaurant:

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In an email to BostInno, Staff Meal’s Adam Gendreau said that the trucks will be “completely off the streets” this winter.

“It’s cold as balls out there,” said Gendreau.

Aside from the weather, Gendreau said that the City of Boston’s current food truck schedule has been detrimental to their business this season.

“We decided to do this because our three-day-a-week lunch schedule will lose us money,” wrote Gendreau. “The city has decided to give all available tier 1 spots to new vendors, putting existing vendors out in the cold …or the warm(?) I guess if they put us out in the cold, we’d be vending more.”

On Twitter, Staff Meal elaborated:

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Staff Meal recently defended the food truck industry, going up against Phantom Gourmet and brick and mortar restaurants that claim food trucks are detrimental to their business.

When asked how he thinks Phantom Gourmet feels about Staff Meal’s brick and mortar move, Gendreau replied, “I couldn’t possibly care any less about what the Phantom thinks.”

Gendreau wouldn’t offer up any hints on where the Staff Meal brick and mortar restaurant would be located, so for now, we’re keeping a close eye on Staff Meal’s (hilarious) Twitter feed for hints.

“C’est la vie,” concluded Gendreau. “Heading back to the restaurant world where it’s civilized! And most importantly, warm.”