Dharmesh Shah says he wants to blog more. Laura Fitton wants to learn to code. But the big winner seems to be mentoring, according to a site set up by two HubSpot employees to capture startup’ers resolutions.

Created by intern Smit Patel and designer David Simpson, startupresolution.com offers a handful of resolutions—learning to code, investing in a startup, mentoring, starting a company and working at a startup—and allows users to add their own.

My RSS reader suggests that blogging seems to be a more popular resolution, at least for some of the investors and entrepreneurs I follow. Learning to code is, of course, a classic. Although I recommended recently that learning statistics and data analysis might be as good or better. And for some additional startup resolutions, check out our Channel partner Gesmer’s post on the subject.

But that mentoring seems to have the most excitement around it, at least by this very rough measure, speaks to the ever improving community here in Boston. Whatever your resolution, there’s a lot to look forward to in Boston tech in 2013.