CoachUp, the Boston-based private coaching company, released its newest video on Tuesday, featuring NBA champion and MVP Stephen Curry. The concept of the endorsement from Curry echoes a similar approach taken from last year’s Julian Edelman video, where the athlete reads a pre-draft scouting report about themselves. Given the success that each has had, it underscores the adversity that they’ve overcome, thanks in part to the usage of private coaching.

In Curry’s endorsement video, it even includes the Drake song, “0 to 100,” which references the NBA champion. The hip hop superstar gave his permission to CoachUp to use the song.

“Drake is a friend of Stephen’s,” noted CoachUp founder and president, Jordan Fliegel. “Stephen’s in Drake’s song. So we thought, what better soundtrack to attach to that?”

And more than the soundtrack, the message of the video rings true for CoachUp: Private coaching works. Just looking at how wrong NBA scouts were about Curry (highlighted by the erroneous pre-draft observations that Curry reads about himself in the video), it’s clear that the supposedly undersized guard has overcome many obstacles by simply outworking his opponents.

Part of that, as Fliegel proudly explained, is derived from private coaching.

“You know if you’re product really works, you don’t really need to put a lot of lipstick on it,” said Fliegel. “We’ve got Stephen Curry in his own words, reading his own actual draft report and showing the work that he did to achieve the success that he had. And that was really the message that we wanted to drive home.”

And just like Edelman, the video highlights what Fleigel identified as an important distinction for CoachUp.

“They’re both very authentic for our story,” Fliegel explained. “First and foremost they have had, and continue to have, private coaching. They use private coaches. Stephen’s trainers are on CoachUp. I don’t want anyone endorsing our service who doesn’t use our service. They really believe in it.”

And just like with the Edelman video, Curry’s was produced with the help of Superdigital (who works extensively with the highly popular Patriots receiver). The project was handled by Superdigital co-founder, Assaf Swissa.

“Assaf and his team did a great job,” Fliegel said. He also spoke about the background behind the concept.

“This summer we were able to get together and shoot the video in Oakland. And it was great to be on the court with the MVP of the NBA, it was personally very fun.”

Fliegel and CoachUp have had quite a bit of success in the past year with their sports endorsements. Edelman caught the winning pass in the Super Bowl, while Curry became a champion shortly after signing on with the Boston company.

Both represent the ideal that CoachUp stands for. They were both thought to be “undersized,” carrying other deficiencies in the eyes of professional scouts prior to coming into the league.

“They’re people that I feel very comfortable associating our brand with,” said Fliegel.

Image via CoachUp