CoachUp, the leading private coaching company in the United States, announced on Monday morning a major new partnership with NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Already connected with NBA Rookie of the Year candidate Nerlens Noel, as well as Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman, CoachUp has continued its exponential growth since the company was founded in 2012. Adding a potential NBA MVP is yet another sign of the company’s growth, especially given that Curry will be more than merely a spokesman.

“Stephen Curry, who’s probably going to be MVP of the NBA this year, is going to be our lead spokesman,” said CoachUp founder and president, Jordan Fliegel in an interview with BostInno.

On top of that, Fliegel revealed the major news that Curry is also an equity holder, illustrating his connection will go beyond merely endorsing the private coaching startup.

“He could’ve partnered with any company in San Francisco, or around the country,” Fliegel explained, “and you know as an equity holder he really chose CoachUp because he really believes in the company.”

Explaining why Curry, one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors, is particularly taken with CoachUp is relatively simple: He believes in the company because much of his own story intersects with the concept of private coaching.

“This is something I am passionate about,” Curry said in a CoachUp statement on the new partnership. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance of private coaches and by joining CoachUp, I’m hoping to make it possible for young athletes all over America to be the best they can be. I’ve been working with private coaches since I was a kid. Growing up, when people said I was too small or not good enough, my coaches helped me prove them wrong. I work with CoachUp coaches every off-season and now as part of the CoachUp team, I want to help kids take their performance to another level, whatever their sport.”

Fliegel was able to provide further details on Curry’s experience with private coaching. He talked about how Curry’s father, Dell (himself a former NBA player) did not want to be too involved in his son’s development as a young player.

“When Stephen was 13, Dell decided to hire a private coaches to train Stephen,” Fliegel said. “So even though he (Dell) was such a great player, and such a great shooter, he wanted to be dad, and have other people train Stephen so that there would be a clear divide there, and he could sit back and be supportive, which we believe is the right position for parents to take.”

One of the most intruiging details that Fliegel offered regarding the new deal with Curry was that the NBA star’s own private coaches are, in fact, on CoachUp.

“His coaches are on CoachUp, and you can train with them.”

Fliegel also explained how the superstar connected with CoachUp.

“We were introduced through a mutual friend, and you know he’s my favorite player. I’m a huge fan of his, and his work ethic and the training techniques that he’s done. And I learned that he’s an equally huge fan of CoachUp because he really cares about the mission of the company. He wants to help kids across the country find great coaches, find great mentors and benefit from the same type of training that he’s had.”

Additionally, Fliegel noted how this is a notable achievement for a Boston-based startup. Curry, who plays in San Francisco, opted for a Boston startup, rather than a San Francisco equivalent. Clearly, that seems to be a vindicating moment for the Boston startup community, and CoachUp specifically.

Image via CoachUp