It was bound to happen eventually. Over here at Streetwise Media, the home of BostInno, we’re growing up. If you attended 50 on Fire, I’m sure the change was evident. It’s been a pretty amazing year for us, and we have no plans to slow down.

That being said, we’re about to roll out an entirely new site design, and wanted to give our Channel partners a heads up. So what can you content-sharing, career-posting, interactive organizations expect from the redesign?

The updated site will introduce new functionality that makes using Channels easier than ever. A readily available dashboard that makes sharing unlimited content with the fastest growing, most active online audience, virtually a click away. An eye-catching design that intuitively walks you through anything and everything you could possibly need to do, and makes your material look GREAT to boot.

Don’t worry about the features you know and love, either. You can still customize your Channel with logos, URL’s, social networks, featured team members, and branded headers and footers to accompany your content. If you have an RSS feed, you won’t lose the ability to add it to your Channel, let content populate, and decide whether or not to auto-publish. This is your place to showcase your company’s expertise, engage readers with your content, and drive potential customers to your website, and it’s not going anywhere.

On top of that, we’ll be introducing some amazing added benefits and enhanced features for paid partners. These include–but are not limited to–analytics, unlimited career and event postings, and homepage exposure. Like what you hear?  Get in touch with [email protected] so we can give you a sneak peek and walk you through the details.

If you don’t have a Channel yet, you should probably get on that. A branded area to call your very own hosted by a fast, edgy media platform that virtually does all of the work for you. More than 700 organizations have caught on–what are you waiting for?