Does This Really Look Like Fun?

Carting children around in the city can be a nightmare. Cobblestone streets are treacherous, and the words “Beacon Hill” make my arms hurt just thinking of the mothers lugging around strollers. Tie in the death stares they undoubtedly receive when trying to squeeze onto a jam-packed train — Lisa DeCanio definitely shoots them — and phew. Boston’s not very baby-proof.

Students from MIT and RISD have tried to help, however. Their solution? BuzzyBaby.

BuzzyBaby is both harness and stroller. The harness system buckles onto a stroller frame, but also snaps into a carrier, allowing a child to sit on a parent’s hip, according to the Boston Globe. Even better, the harness attaches to a removable pad that is able to fit in most lightweight strollers and carriers.

The stroller also features a shoulder strap that latches on to the stroller. Mothers can then carry a child on their hip, all while slinging the stroller over their shoulder. Climbing the stairs sounds easier already.

The idea was reportedly developed in a product design and development course at MIT after students surveyed more than 400 mothers in the South End about whether or not they’d find a harness system useful. As the Globe writes:

Three out of four said BuzzyBaby would be an effective solution for managing children in strollers on public transportation, and lugging them up stairs and escalators.

The students hope to start selling the stroller by next spring, and have already filed for a preliminary patent. They’re just now trying to decide whether to sell BuzzyBaby separately or partner with a stroller manufacturer.

Yet, they’re not the only ones in the city trying to make the lives of parents easier. Here’s a look at seven other startups who are trying to relieve the moms and dads of the world from all the headaches life has to offer.

Featured Photo Courtesy of Walking Mama