We already knew students from Tufts and Harvard like to strip to their skivvies during finals week, but now students from Emerson and Boston University are undressing to de-stress, as well.

Wiggio — the online toolkit that makes it easier to work in groups — is hosting the “Nearly Naked Run,” a charity event supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Students who wish to participate can bring clothes to donate and then take a mile-long fun-run around either the Boston Common or Esplanade.

Last year, Wiggio hosted the event at several other schools, including the University of Georgia, Vanderbilt and the University of Alabama. This year, they decided, why not bring it to the college town? Emerson’s Nearly Naked Run kicks off today at 4 p.m., and students will be running around the Common in…well…their underwear. After all, students are being invited to donate the clothes right off their backs.

Boston University’s Run will then kick off next Thursday, May 3rd, at 6 p.m. So, keep your eyes peeled while at the Esplanade. Never know when you’ll see a guy running in nothing but a fanny pack and tighty whities. Just check it out for yourself —