Every semester, college students grumble and groan about having to filter through their general education requirements. From historical perspectives and the fine arts to life science and research writing, those courses are never the ones students actually want take, but are rather forced to sign up for. (I mean, honestly, what good are those geometry classes doing me now?)

But leave it to Harvard to make gen eds look enticing. They’ve continued to pave the way in digital communication, having become the first universities to surpass one million Facebook fans back in late November. Between their social media dashboard, various mobile apps and increased use of storytelling, highlighted through Harvard Stories, it’s no surprise they took the time to create a detailed Vimeo for each of their spring 2012 gen ed courses.

Put together by the Harvard College Program in General Education, a series of 16 “course trailers” have been provided for students online, allowing them to use their time over winter break a bit more productively than they’re used to. Meaning, they can swap those countless Keyboard Cat videos in for these beneficial course videos instead.

Here’s a sneak peak at two of the courses students can sign up for this semester.

American Musicals and American Culture —

American Food: A Global History —