If you don’t have a home entertainment system, starting in January you can always just wander down to South Station and watch the two giant televisions that are going to be installed inside the busy bus and train terminal.

Two 17-foot-wide, high-resolution digital screens will be installed by Daktronics and maintained and run by Blue Outdoor, a media company focused on “the next generation of non-traditional forms of outdoor advertising.”

The massive screens will be housed to the left and right of the main concourse board inside the station, replacing large banners that are currently hanging there.

“They are going to sell the space for advertising, but it doesn’t mean they won’t have content like news alerts and weather alerts on there,” said Evan Seigerman, CEO of Blue Outdoor. “The initial goal is to sell to as many advertisers…so 95 percent of the time it will be dedicated towards ads.”

This is the first time something like this will be put up inside South Station, he said.

The more than 4 million monthly visitors that frequent the transportation spot will be exposed to the digital content displayed on both big screens, the company said in a statement.

“We are trying to balance the existing signage with new signage. The quality of these screens are going to be powerful,” said Seigerman. “Who knows what will happen in five or 10 years— the whole place could be digital— but for now these screens will be it.”

According to MBTA officials, under the agreement with the management firm that runs South Station, annual net revenue generated is split 50/50 with the T.

“Additional ad revenue can be used to make improvements to the busiest public transit hub in New England,” said T spokesman Joe Pesaturo.