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Get to Know the 50 on Fire Finalists in Sports &...

Not to stress you out, but time is ticking to get your ticket to this year's 50 on Fire awards show, our annual event...

Fortified Bicycle Just Launched the Apple Care of Bike Protection

It's an option with their new bike, "Invincible," now live on Kickstarter.

Test Ride: Fortified Bicycle’s ‘Invincible’ Urban Bike

In advance of its launch via Kickstarter, we got to try it out on some rainy Boston streets.

A Closer Look at Fortified Bicycle’s ‘Invincible’

New photos show the bike's city-specific capability.

Here Are the First Photos of Fortified Bicycle’s ‘Ultimate Urban Bike’

The Boston startup designed its first bike to be able to withstand New England's harsh weather.

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