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Announcing the 2016 BostonFest #CoolestCompanies Finalists

Over the past month, we've been collecting nominations for our Coolest Companies Competition, our annual friendly competition celebrating the Boston companies with amazing culture and products. This year,...

4 Questions With…State of Innovation Panelist Corey Thomas

Over the next few weeks, we're inviting you to get to know the speakers at this year's State of Innovation beyond the professional bio with...

Here’s the 2016 BostInno Tech Madness Bracket [Voting Now Open]

Update: Voting in Round 1 has closed. Voting in Round 2 is here. Introducing the 2016 Tech Madness Bracket: a friendly competition designed to generate awareness and...

When Marketing Meets Tech

Walking into my first co-op I was terrified about the idea of working in a tech field. The company I work for, Rapid7, focuses on...

Here’s Who Got a Keytar Bear Surprise For Valentine’s Day [Slideshow]

Cambridge-based Lovepop partnered with Keytar Bear to give some people a Valentine's Day surprise.

First You Win BostInno’s Tech Madness—Then You IPO

At least that's what Rapid7 did last year

Here’s A Snapshot of Boston’s Big Year in Cybersecurity

From Rapid7's IPO to Digital Guardian's huge raise

Here Are Boston’s Last 10 Tech IPOs, Ranked by Market Cap

Yesterday we gave a good deal of space on BostInno to telling you about the small and midsized tech companies in Boston that are...

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