The tech world nearly blew up when Amazon teased that it might be doing deliveries with drones in the next year or so.

But we’re of the opinion that the Boston-based robo-makers Rethink Robotics got Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos beat, particularly in light of this recent video of its fire-engine red, humanoid robot Baxter blowing us away with his/her/its latest trick. (Which is funny, considering that Bezos Expeditions is one of the company’s investors.)

I’m going to be honest. Put that multi-colored cube in front of me, and I’ll half-heartedly spin the sides, wearing the same furrowed brow and stumped expression as Baxter in the beginning of this clip.

The big difference: I won’t really come close to solving the famed game, and will likely end up chucking the chunk of plastic at the closest thing in my path.

Baxter, however, will solve it. In record time. As programmed by a human, who is apparently far more patient than I.

Maybe it’s the dramatic music blasting in the background, or maybe it’s the way that the little guy holds up each side to get a closer look for a full ten seconds before taking his chances with the spin of a side. But this video is gold – proof that Baxter wins out over robots of ages past and present, sorry R2d2, Wall-e and Roomba. Well, at least wins when it comes to deciphering the 3-D puzzle.

Alas, Baxter was not brought into being to play a silly Hungarian sculptor‘s mind game from the ’70s. Rethink Robotics designed the robot to be trained easily by workers on the factory floor, typically within small to midsize manufacturers.

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